Thursday, April 21, 2011

Let the world saving games... begin

Why the future of work is play - TNW Industry

I know that many of you will think that I am joking. No, it's not a joke. According to the article and Jane McGonigal, games can save the world. Gamers are so enganged in them and share a set of characteristics that everybody should have to make the wolrd whould be a better place. Usualy we play games to escape reality. What if instead of just escaping reality we could apply what we've learnt from our game in the real world?

That's the idea. Engage gamers in games that will influence them in the right way and make change their lives for better. According to the article we need half the population of earth to devote about an hour of gaming everyday in order to achieve that... epic win!

So... do you want to play?

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