Tuesday, April 12, 2011

In social media we trust.

Finding Faith on Facebook - TNW Social Media

If Jesus, Buddha, Moameth and all these religious icons were living today, whould they have a Facebook fan page? How many followers whould they have on Twitter? Well... believe it or not, they do have Twitter followers and Facebook friends and fans. Churches around the world are discovering the power of social media and using it to provide advice, shelter, help and whatever is needed to their followers.

Social networking sites are an excellent opportunity for religious groups to reach more people especially young ones, connect with them and help as many as they can. As long as they are willing to do so. I don't know if Facebook can destroy tradition within church but I think in a time when everybody is anxious over their everyday needs, having a religious mentor to talk to (even from a facebook chat) is far better than not going to church at all. We all need to believe in somthing to get courage, strength, and make ourselves better human beings. So, if Facebook and Twiiter can help in finding them by communicationg with priests and pastors, let it be.

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