Monday, May 2, 2011

Books Die Hard

Why Books Will Probably Never Die - TNW Media

In a previous post I noted out the benefits from reding ebooks instead of classic paper books. Some, may have misunderstood it but I never said that books will stop to exist. Books will exist for ever (or at least I hope so). As the nature of publication is changing towards digital there will always be the classic part of paper books.

So, for my readers who thought I was tottaly on the e-book side, there's an article with arguments for paper books. After all, I am one of those who still enjoy reading a paper book and I am currently reading one. However, I believe that the best part in reading a book is its content. So either you read it in paper of in electronic format the real value of it will still be its content.

Let's face it... books are like Bruce Willis in "Die hard'!

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