Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Women in the web.

Why Women Rule The Internet

It has always been about them. No wonder why women rule the internet too!

It's not that they are in leading positions in internet related companies, but they are the main driving force behind consuming. They plan, they organise, they buy, they spend! So why care about men when women do most of the shopping? Adding to this that they are more open to socializing and they can remember more people in their social circles than men... there you are... that's the big player in the social networking sites!

I'm not surprised by the article. It's another real life phenomenon trasfered to the web. Have a window shopping stroll in a mall and count how many windows are about women and about men. Women win. It's common knowledge! Remember those conversations you have with women when they try to remind you of a person you know but forgot. It's remarkable!!! They never forget them! Even if they've just seen them once in their life!

So... I'm not surpised at all, seeing the same thing happening in the web. It's just another sign of how are lives and social activities are being trasfered in a parallel web-based universe. The cyberspace is being built using the same social rules we have in the real world for centuries!

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