Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Is the cloud safer than... earth?

Why the Cloud Is Actually the Safest Place for Your Data

I know that many of you would think I'm crazy if I told you that the cloud could be a safer place to starage your data than your own hard drive. Well... given that even security experts cannot be 100% sure about their computer's security maybe outsourcing it to a major company is a good idea after all.

I know what you are thinking. How can I be sure that they won't use my data for other purposes. Well that's why there are "Terms of Service". Take the time to read them. I fo you don't like it or you think there are parts compromising your data security... then try someone else. If you don't find anyone trustworthy enough... keep it to your hard drive. Hawever, I think the benefits from keeping your data on the cloud are more than keeping them in your place and the risk (especially for common users without security expertise) is not comparable.

As for the data usage from the company that keeps them... for the time being the worst thing I saw happening is using it for targeted advertisement. Personally, I have deveoped the so-called "banner blindness". Ads... it's like they are not there. It has to be something REALLY interesting to catch my attention and I don't think I'm the only banner-blind in the world.

So... what do you think? Cloud or Earth?

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