Monday, March 21, 2011

E-book or P-book?

Ebook sales in the US double year-on-year, paper books suffer double-digit losses -- Engadget

It wasn't long ago that I was saying that reading a plain old paper book could never be substituted by ebook reading. Well... I don't know if this is just a trend in US or something that will expand further. One thing I can tell you for sure, is that after giving a try to ebook readers on my mobile device and seeing the ebook reader devices in stores I'm changing my mind. You might not have the feeling of paper but the feeling from reading a good book doesn't change either in paper or in electronic format. The important thing still is the content and that's not going to change ever (I hope).

In addition, you also have the feeling of being a little more "green". When the customers ask for ebooks there is less demand for paper books and consquently less enviromantal destruction.

Finally, ebook readers offer a number of features that make reading even more enjoyable. You can easily share the progress of your reading, see other readers' opinions on what you 're reading, share extracts with friends etc. When you 're reading a great book, don't you always want to tell your friends about it? Discuss it with other readers? Ebooks make this easier. As soon as you start reading you can feel part of a worldwide group of readers and share your feelings and experience right away.

There is strong advocacy on the other side too and I am not saying that I'd like paper books to dissapear. However, now that I saw the other side what I can say is... don't knock it till you try it!

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  1. Όσο και αν εκτιμά κάποιος την αξία του κλασσικού p-book, είναι σημαντικό να έχει ανοιχτό μυαλό και να κοιτά μπροστά. Ενώ αρχικά έχεις αμφιβολίες συνήθως ανακαλύπτεις ότι οι συσκευές ανάγνωσης e-book και είναι ξεκούραστες στο μάτι και βολικότερες απο την άποψη κουβαλήματος!