Friday, March 25, 2011

The Literal Web Crowd: Are you part of it?

A Critical Analysis Of The Literal Web Crowd: The Tools You Need To Survive In A Humorous World

This is not a news article. However, I found the analysis of the Literal Web Crowd quite interesting.

We use humour in our real lives for almost everything. It's somenthing you can't live with. You can't socialize without having a certain degree of humour. Humour indicates a certain degree of intelligence in a person. Sarcasm can be a great tool to communicate the most serious messages. Being able though to get the humorous tone in a face to face conversation is easy since there is also body language to support it.

What happens with stauses and comments on social sites is also very similar but without the body language. You can find the most hilarious conversations in comments on a friends status. Being able to get the funny part and built on it is one part of the story and some people just lack the ability to build. Though, getting the whole conversation leterally is even worse. It can lead to situations that you've never imagined and most probably getting literally whatever your friends are writting on their status or comments will get you isolated. Nobody will read your messages, nobody will comment on them and you'll get to a point where you'll have the feeling that nobody gets you! Well... guess what... It's the other way round. So... cheer up... read between the lines... pay attention to the tone (you can feel it even in written messages)... and built on it.

The world will be much more enjoyable this way!

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